About Us

Kundra Corporation designs your imagination. As flexible and durable as the product natures to be, so does the efficiency of the righteous company. Created by tanning the perfect animal rawhide and skin, we craft, manufacture and supply the leather products that suit your specific needs. Using the ethnic traditional techniques of hand stitching, hand painting and dyeing simultaneously, Kundra Corporation is a family owned and operated business of 50 years which creates not only beautiful but functional leather products that last a lifetime. We master an art of expertise, reimagined.

As pleased as we are to introduce ourselves as one of the pioneer manufacturers and importers of premium quality leather goods are we obliged to serve you with the best. A vast variety of genuine leather goods, home furnishings goods and leather accessories from India and Melbourne, Australia, merging variant cultures for a global excellence.

With the resoluteness to maintain long lasting relationship with buyers, we tend to undertake bulk orders and provide satisfactory customised solutions from across countries. We are a promising entity following the standards of quality qualified. We are your primary destination of World Class genuine Leather products. The mantra of our success lies in the feedback of clients and timely deliveries of the products.


Melbourne, VIC 3000



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please email us: info@kundra.com.au